Tie Plates: Explained

Recent articles: Treepocalypse Now:I talk to pro Arborist Ian Bruce about what is to be done with the trees (who have no tongues) Blood 4 Sale: An investigation into the paid plasma clinics and what that means for those affected by the tainted blood scandal Lost Highway: The nightmare that is the daily car commute … Continue reading


Pretty happy to say I landed a full-time gig with Propeller, which is a huge relief. I’m lucky and grateful to be working in such a great environment doing what I went to school for and with people that are hilarious and professional. I’m still doing the freelance thing with Toronto Standard & The Grid, … Continue reading

Hey! On March 4th, I started an 3-month internship at Propeller. It’s proving to be excellent and I felt comfortable from the interview onwards. This is somewhat of an anomaly as I’ve choked in job interviews before, to the point of blathering about my deceased grandmother and Jesus Christ (Bay/Bloor Jacob retail store interview – … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, whoever reads this(?), bless you! I spent the Christmas holidays back in the Sault and had a wonderful time seeing my family and friends. I got a new red turtleneck from my mom (I don’t think I’ve worn one of those since the “cat gave me a hickey” incident). Then I got … Continue reading


Heyo. I got sick of my old website with its tedious light-boxes so I’ve redirected it to this one which actually has some writing samples. Currently freelancing so send any work you have my way. In other news, some asshole in the coffee shop I’m currently tapping away in said the word “Rooibos” 14 times … Continue reading