On March 4th, I started an 3-month internship at Propeller. It’s proving to be excellent and I felt comfortable from the interview onwards. This is somewhat of an anomaly as I’ve choked in job interviews before, to the point of blathering about my deceased grandmother and Jesus Christ (Bay/Bloor Jacob retail store interview – 2003. Did not get the job). It’s a great working environment made greater by the fact that I don’t have to do ANY CODING (the real bane of my existence).

Still doing anything and everything I can for The Grid and Toronto Standard. Here are some things I’ve written recently. I also had my picture in the Grid in this photo taken by the lovely Christie Vuong. I especially enjoyed my interview with Scooperman, the guy who has made a sweet living out of picking up OPDP (other people’s dog poop).

All this work does not leave much time to get into trouble, which is probably a good thing.


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