I got sick of my old website with its tedious light-boxes so I’ve redirected it to this one which actually has some writing samples.

Currently freelancing so send any work you have my way.

In other news, some asshole in the coffee shop I’m currently tapping away in said the word “Rooibos” 14 times in the span of a few minutes. It has now replaced “heirloom” in my mind as the stupidest word of life. Why these words provoke such a violent, visceral response in me is beyond me.

What word sends you into a fitful rage?



2 thoughts on “Afternoon!

  1. It’s months past your request, but if the phone lines are still open, I’m gonna go with the word delicious. I hate it. I mean, I use it, but I hate. Like when I smoke. I don’t mean smoking was delicious; it certainly was not. I mean, putting something that I hate, in and out of my mouth – smoke. And the word delicious.

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